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Water-Efficient Housekeeping - for our environment

Quinta Alegre Water management

A beautiful garden with lush green lawns, flowers, banana plantations and pool, numerous hotel guests a year who want to eat, shower, wash and drive a clean electric car - for that we need a lot of water at the Quinta Alegre on a daily basis. We use this water sparingly - and treat it as a vital resource in Madeira and in the spirit of our sustainability awareness.

Fully biological treatment plant: transforms wastewater into service water

Our fully biological wastewater treatment plant from ATB cleans the wastewater and recycles it to germ-free service water - for example, to water our garden. This works via a 3-chamber system with bacterial revitalisation and subsequent irradiation with ultraviolet light. Water is used multiple times - in all good conscience.

State-of-the-art sprinkler system for efficient watering

We only use water if necessary: ​​our sprinkler system measures the moisture content and then waters our lawn, plants or flower beds very specifically. This also ensures the economical use of our water.
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