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Quality products from our neighbours or from the hotel garden

Madeira has a lot to offer - including many regional foods and products. We prefer to use these local products for the care of our guests.

So we buy for example:

  • Avocado, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, salad,
  • exotic and endemic fruits such as organically grown bananas, passion fruits, pear melons, medlars, eugenia or the fruit of the monstera deliciosa,
  • Meat from grass fed cattle for our Espetada skewers,
  • fish such as scabbard fish,
  • Wine or sugar cane rum for the poncha

On site. We are in direct contact with local farmers, manufacturers and suppliers. So we know where the products come from for our culinary dishes and we can always rely on 100% on excellent quality and appropriate animal husbandry.

Bananas, herbs & Co from our own garden - for homemade jams & Co

Our hotel garden already offers some products that we harvest ourselves and from which we, for example, boil our banana jam. In recent years, we have expanded our kitchen garden more and more to pamper guests of Quinta Alegre with our own products.


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