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    Want to hike in Madeira?

An all encompassing Resource-friendly concept with responsible management

The preservation of the environment is very important to us on the beautiful island of Madeira. As a tourism company and hotel, we are actively contributing with a resource-friendly, sustainable concept that minimises the negative impacts on the environment. This also corresponds with the wishes of many of our guests - and is as important to us as our economic success.

Four pillars for the environment, resources, nature and people

Our responsible use of resources therefore requires primarily energy-saving management, efficient water consumption and the deliberate use of regional products, preferably from the hotel's own garden.

Low energy consumption
from renewable energy:

photovoltaic system and
sophisticated components.

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energy concept

Optimal, economical water consumption:
thanks to fully biological water clarification.

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water management

water purification
Focus on regional products:
for food and supplies for our guests.

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regional products
Thinking and acting humanely:
With the employment of Madeirans, charitable activities and love for Madeira.

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social commitment

human resources

Sustainable travel on Madeira: discover the island by e-car and e-bike

Our "grandchildren-friendly" hotel concept also takes into account your "mobility" on Madeira. With our own Renault Zoe e-cars, you can explore our beautiful island in a way that is environmentally conscious. We provide these E-Flitzer for you at pure maintenance costs - ie insurance + energy costs - we are happy to help. Fast charging stations are located directly on the hotel property.

Or "experience" Madeira by mountain bike. E-bikes, mountain bikes and racing bikes are rented by our partner ‘E-Bike Madeira’ in Funchal - directly from the bike station or from the Quinta Alegre. So you are also doing something for your health. We are also happy to provide you with their contact details.

Why Quinta Alegre thinks sustainably

As a private hiking hotel, the protected nature of Madeira is of course very close to our hearts. We have wonderful gifts of nature such as the renowned largest laurel forest in Europe which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of exceptional beauty. It is located above the Quinta Alegre. Or the 40 km long levada of Calheta. The Levada is just 30 minutes from the hotel. We are happy to offer guided hikes or trips to the most diverse destinations in Madeira.

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