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    Want to hike in Madeira?
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    Want to hike in Madeira?

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Do you want to have a quick ride with one of our brisk electric cars? With a range of up to 280 km, the Smile-E is perfect for an extensive day trip. We also have our own charging station, which fills the battery in less than three hours.

The manoeuvrable five-seaters are ideal for the sometimes mountainous roads and the large field of view allows you to fully enjoy our beautiful landscapes.

We are fortunate enough to live on a beautiful island. So we are obliged to keep our clear, pure Atlantic air free from harmful exhaust fumes. Here you can visit the most beautiful locations, experience the wonders of our island - and breathe deeply!

You can use the vehicles withe the minimum of two days or for your entire holiday. The hire fee is made up of the fully comprehensive insurance and the energy costs. We can also pick you up at the airport. Transfer costs are 30,- Euro

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