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Madeira island is a truly unique destination of fascinating natural beauty, rising steeply and majestically from the Atlantic ocean.
Few places on earth offer such a variety of scenery with breathtaking cliffs, rocky peaks, alpine plateaux and lush valleys, whilst still retaining an unspoiled beauty and natural charm.
The biggest and most spectacular attraction of this island of volcanic origins is mother nature herself. Two-thirds of Madeira’s nature is protected by law, and one of its highlights is Europes oldest and biggest Laurel Forest which has been declared a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

But there is something else! From all around the globe avid trekkers, walkers, hikers, ramblers and wanderers converge on this sub tropical island for a very distinct reason. They have discovered that Madeira island can be explored and experienced from within the very heart of the island and often with little effort using the world renowned Levadas walks.
The Levadas which are almost unique to Madeira, were started in the 15th century as a way of bringing water from the mountains to irrigate the fertile soil in the south of the island. The irrigation channels run through valleys and tunnels, along cliff edge sand mountain sides in gentle gradients which make them not only perfect for walking but also gives the walker a remarkable variety of scenery.

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